Introducing Research Networking Event (RNE):
RNE is one of the important programs of BMEiCON. One of the main objectives of RNE is to create BME Network among BMEiCON delegates. With BMEiCON
RNE, professors, researchers, lecturers and students join the trip to visit some of the attraction place. On the trip, BMEiCON delegates will get to know each other, exchangename card and idea, discuss about research and possible cooperation, etc. Professors indifferent aspects will be seen in RNE in the cool, calm and collected fashion.BMEiCON 2015 Research Networking Event (NRE) will take place on November 27th, 2015.

BMEiCON 2015 delegates will join in by visiting the National park Khao (Island) Kham.

National park Khao (Island) Kham is located 9 kilometers from the south shore  of Satttahip district, Chonburi.  It take about 20 minutes to travel to National park Khao Kham by fishing boats. With the H-shaped Island, Khao Kham is in the supervision of Navy army of Thailand. Tourist can visit only during the weekend.   Khao Kham has two sea beaches; one on the north, the other on the south. Soft sand sea beach on the north is perfect for swimming. The rough-sand beach on the north by contrast is good for snorkeling to enjoy coral reef and cartoon fish.  Tourists also like to walk to high mountain at the center of the island  to visit the scenery point     Research Networking Event will occur on Nov 27, 2015 8:00 PM. Participants will ride  coach buses from Pattaya to Sattihip and a special boat from Sattahip to Kho Kham.  Lunch refreshment and drink will be served on the island. Participants will leave from Kho Kham about 14:00 AM and arrive at the A-one hotel at about 16:00 AM.


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