Prof. Hiroki Kurashige





Fluctuating dynamics in the resting brain



The brain is a restless organ in which dynamic and structured activity is observed even when one never engages in any specific task. In this talk, I show some natures of the resting brain dynamics as well as its significances in normal cognition and in medical applications. Especially, first I introduce how finely the resting dynamics is organized, then explain its roles in learning and memory. Additionally, I show some methods to probe normal and impaired cognitive functions by analyzing the resting brain dynamics using machine learning technics that should give a basis of understanding and diagnosis/prognosis of psychiatric and neurological disorders as well as novel intervention methods to them.



Hiroki Kurashige is a Junior Associate Professor of School of Information Telecommunication Engineering at Tokai University, Japan. He graduated Nagoya University (B. Eng.), Kobe University (M. Sci.), and received the Ph.D in Engineering from Tamagawa University, Japan in 2008. His research interests include neural and cognitive mechanisms of human learning, memory, and thoughts from the view of cognitive and computational neuroscience as well as the application of machine learning and physical methods to neural and cognitive data analysis. He is a recipient of the Young Researcher Award (IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Japan Chapter), the Best Paper Award (18th International Conference on Neural Information Processing), and the Research Award (Japanese Neural Network Society).




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