BMEiCON 2017 Banquet will take place at Sapporo Beer garden



This place was built in 1890 as a sugar factory and then used as malting plant until 1963, then in 1966, it became the Sapporo Beer Garden.

Sapporo beer garden provides their customer’s craftsmen fresh brewed beer that comes directly from the factories with extreme care and handled with skilled professionals. This garden is famous for its lamb meat that is known as Genghis khan lamb meat and its symbol is known as “Kaitakushi-kan”. The Sapporo bear garden only uses lamb meat without any smell while eating it gives the unique aroma which helps people in distinguishing between the cooked and undercooked meat, Sapporo bear garden change this trend by Genghis khan lamb meat whoever eat it will definitely have enjoyed for the first time. Sapporo garden has quite unique reasons to visit because of its different points that attract their customers.



At the Sapporo Beer Garden, aiming at offering you delicious tastes that cannot be experienced anywhere else, freshly brewed beer delivered directly from factories is carefully poured by skilled professionals.


To join banquet, please sign up in registration form. On-site registration is not possible.

On Sep.1st, at 17:30PM, a bus will come to Hokkaido Univ. and send delegates  to Sapporo Beer Garden.


Odori Park

After Banquet, at 20:30, the bus will send back to "Sapporo Odori park". You can enjoy beautiful night view at the park. It is close to Sapporo station and Susukino, a popular entertainment district. 

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