Manfred Glesner (Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult.)

Head of the Microelectronic Systems Research Group at TUD

Topics: Embedded Systems Design for Smart System Integration

Smart or intelligent system is a new technology term that will be found in many applications in our daily life and industries in the future for examples in energy management, medical applications and healthcare management, industrial automation and automotive. Based on its technological term, smart systems should have capabilities to solve very complex problems, including taking over human cognitive functions.

Due to the exponential increase of world energy demand, in which between 2010 and 2030 is estimated to be 45%, energy management will be one of the most urgent topics of the century and a significant driver for the evolution of semiconductors and electronics products. The important issues in the energy management are efficiency and reliability. Those requirements initiate the movement of power technology trend from traditional into smart grids concept. Cybersecurity and control systems for instance will be important topics for future smart grid systems.

In medical applications and healthcare management, smart products are mainly dedicated to improve the quality of health treatments and rehabilitations. The key components of the products are sensors (biomedical sensors). They should be miniaturized, which is enabled by using Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology, in order to minimize the physical effect on the biologic system. The key factor of the smart systems is new inventions in the fields of nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology, photonic technology and nanoelectronics. The innovation of efficient computing algorithms should be a challenging issue to implement the nanoelectronic products. The integration of the nanoelectronic products into smart systems should consider both arts and cost aspect. Therefore, the miniaturization of smart products, which is affected by efficient computing algorithms and nano-scale technologies, will be an interesting feature for end-users on market.

Prof. Manfred Glesner  Biography

Manfred Glesner (Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult.) is head of the Microelectronic Systems Research Group at TUD since 1990. His research activities are in the areas of embedded systems design, high-level synthesis and physical design, especially for deep submicron technologies, printed electronics and intelligent signal processing. He has organized national and international conferences and is a member of the programme committees of several conferences and workshops. He is a consultant to industry, government and research agencies and serves as a member of university boards. Since 2000 he is a Fellow of IEEE. He holds four Honorary Doctoral Degrees from international universities. He has been awarded several orders of merit by countries like France, Estonia and Mongolia.

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